Mobile Massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage Rates

Massage offered by Krista, Katie, and Jerri-lyn. 

FST offered by Krista and Jerri-lyn.

Reflexology offered by Katie.

Lymphatic Drainage offered by Krista.

Please note that prices are subject to a travel fee depending on your location. Please inquire for an accurate quote.

30 Minutes        $85+GST

Optimal for those pressed for time needing a small area focused on.

45 Minutes       $95+GST

 Ideal for treating one or two specific areas, such as the back and neck.

  60 Minutes        $110+GST

   Perfect for a general full body treatment, more specific work on the upper or lower body, or a combo session.

 90 Minutes       $150+GST

 Ideal for those wanting a thorough full body treatment, quite specific work on three to four areas such as back, hips, and legs, or a combo session.