Mobile Massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage Rates

Massage offered by Krista and Katie.

Reflexology offered by Katie.

FST offered by Krista.

Lymphatic Drainage offered by Krista.

Please note that prices are subject to a travel fee depending on your location. Please inquire for an accurate quote.

30 Minutes        $95+GST

Optimal for those pressed for time needing a small area focused on.

45 Minutes       $105+GST

 Ideal for treating one or two specific areas, such as the back and neck.

  60 Minutes        $120+GST

   Perfect for a general full body treatment, more specific work on the upper or lower body, or a combo session.

 90 Minutes       $160+GST

 Ideal for those wanting a thorough full body treatment, quite specific work on three to four areas such as back, hips, and legs, or a combo session.